Street Child United
2023 – Drawings from the Street Child Cricket World Cup in Chennai
Sport For Good
2022 – British Council, Doha. A project showcasing art and design from the UK during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
Street Child United
2022 – Drawings from the Street Child World Cup in Doha, Qatar
The Big Draw
2020 – Walk, Sketch, Talk. Tim is seen here in conversation with The Big Draw about drawing through the pandemic
Future of History
2020 – A series of illustrations for Tortoise media. @Tortoise produces journalism that lasts. It provides wise, in-depth news that is independent of political party or commercial agenda.
Street Child United
2019 – Drawings from the first Street Child Cricket World Cup in Cambridge and Lords
FIFA World Cup
2018 Russia – Tim was commissioned by The Telegraph to produce a drawing a day from the FIFA World Cup over 35 consecutive days. Here are a selection of illustrations from all over this vast country creating a 'live' visual diary of the tournament.
Street Child United
2018 – Drawings from the Street Child World Cup in Moscow. Alongside the football tournament is a festival of arts and a congress. These illustrations and animations are exhibited in Moscow at the Amber Plaza, where the young peoples' voices are heard, calling for the rights of millions of children surviving on the streets worldwide.
Locksbrook Mural
2018 – Painted on the perimeter fence of the Action Factory on Locksbrook Road. This building was the former Herman Miller Factory designed by Grimshaw Architects in 1976 and the new home for Bath School of Art and design. The mural celebrates work and industrial heritage of the city and the art school.
Action Factory
2018 – The Herman Miller factory, designed by Grimshaw Architects in 1976, is now home to Bath Schools of Art and Design.
2017 – Drawing from exhibition catalogues
Pitt Rivers
2017 – "It is sufficient to wander through the maze of cases letting your curiosity lead you." Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford.
Mount Athos
2013 – Present. Tim is the first recipient of the Doug Patterson/RCA bursary to draw all 20 Eastern Orthodox Monasteries of Mount Athos. These artworks are exhibited in The Mount Athos Centre in Thessaloniki.
London Olympics
2012 – Documenting the remarkable London Olympic Games for The Times newspaper. "After the most dismal few months of British weather the sun shone on us all and the colours glowed and Tim caught them all. It worked the day after and it works today. Tim painted the news and because he got it right, it has stayed news." Simon Barnes, Chief Sports Correspondent, The Times, 2012. [All Images © Tim Vyner and The Times]
2014 – Sometimes it is the history of a single drawing that defines a trip. This Drawing was made in an abandoned building in Roosevelt Park, Detroit, in -20º temperatures as part of a 'DesignInquiry' investigation of the city.
2017 – Experimenting with Google Tilt alongside Simon Spilsbury and Brain Grimwood
Bath Abbey
2016 – Sketchbook drawings of headstones, tombstones, flagstones, cenotaphs, typography and heraldry.
British Museum
1980 – Present. "And let thy feet millenniums hence be set in midst of knowledge." Tennyson on the floor of the Great Court.
Xi'an Academy
2011 – A short print residency at Xi'an Academy of Art working alongside other international printmakers and lecturers.
Beijing Olympics
2008 – Tim travelled around China for the first time on behalf of Wieden & Kennedy to document emerging leisure and sport activities in 1991. In 2008 he was back in Beijing to draw his way through the first Olympic Games to be hosted in China and witnessed a completely transformed nation.
Street Soccer
2006 – Ghana qualified for the World Cup Finals in Germany. Having followed England in 2002 in Japan and Korea Tim followed this football-crazy nation as they qualified beyond the group stages, eventually losing to Brazil in the last 16 knock out game.
FIFA World Cup
2002 – Japan and Korea. Tim was the PFA's artist following the English football team in Japan and Korea. After this tournament he worked with fan groups travelling and documenting English football fans at home and abroad for many years. Many of these paintings belong in the PFA's football collection in Manchester.
Children's Books
1990 – 2002. Tim has produced 10 books for children working with different authors and writing 3 of his own, The Tree, Dragon Mountain and World Team. World Team was a finalist in the V&A Illustration Awards
2000 – Tim travelled to the Lebanon and drew a brief moment of peace for the Independent newspaper. Beirut was being re-built but still had the scars of war and the southern border with Israel was accessible including the Crusader fortress in Beaufort that had strategic military value
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